Grandfather Piñon

Photograph by Ethel Mortenson Davis


Filed under Art, Art by Ethel Mortenson Davis, Photography

9 responses to “Grandfather Piñon

  1. This is wonderful, as I always love the photographs here–I think of you all every day, and I mean this sincerely from my heart. God bless you. Thank you just for being you.

  2. one of natures’ cathedrals!xx

  3. Oona Hays

    You can hear the silence of the snowy day and the majestic tree standing harmonously in this picture.

  4. tikarmavodicka

    This leaves me with a sense of serene and respectful silence for nature’s display. I can almost feel the cold of all the world being shrouded in snow. Beautiful photograph.

  5. This photo is so graceful – the branches, the trees in the background…. (and I love snow-on-tree pictures!)

  6. I adore the title you chose! These snow-laden branches not only look very mature, but very wise, somehow! Maybe this is why the Ents in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy are some of my favorite characters of all time!

  7. Pinon forests in New Mexico survived a drought in the 1950s that was drier than the drought of 2002 that killed off nearly 90 percent of the pinon population…

  8. Ina

    The contast of the snow and the trees, the way the lines curve, beautiful 🙂

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