by William Bingen, our grandson


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10 responses to “Robot

  1. Wonderfully done,I just love that your grandson has an interest in the arts and in different mediums as well

  2. Beautiful. I’m about to go to bed, I love that this is the last thing I see before sleep.

  3. Julie Catherine

    This is awesome – and apparently, William already has an eye for depth and perspective; great 3D rendering! 🙂

  4. This is wonderful! And there is a bit halfway down the left side that looks like a teddy bear wearing a tie!


    PS I can’t remember whether I told you I nominated yourself and Ethel for The Genuine Blogger Award. (See my recent post “Awards” 1st Feb) Very well deserved!

  5. sandy

    I am impressed with his ability.

  6. whirr whirr wiz wiz the planet eaters are back !!

  7. Talented grandson.
    A black-and-white Mondrian.

  8. Fine-tuned graphic art…

  9. I love the upward gaze, the higher lights. Very wise grandson!

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