by Sonja Bingen, our daughter


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11 responses to “Redwoods

  1. charlieszr4

    This is a great shot! I have a suggestion for another tree shot for you to take.
    Have you ever taken HDR photos? They are extremely interesting, and i can just imagine how amazing this would look as an HDR shot.
    Either way, it is still amazing.

  2. Gorgeous shot of redwoods paying homage to the sky

  3. Wow–it’s almost dizzying, as though I’m right there!

  4. I literally took a deep breath when this photo came up. Can’t say how much I love this!!!

  5. Old-growth forests are unbelievably uplifting.

  6. If only we could hear and understand what they have to say!

  7. Beautiful – pointing toward heaven


  8. Hi to my fave folks!! I’ve nominated you for another award–the ABC Award. If you’d like to accept, see my latest “acceptance speech” post! God bless you and your family–love, Caddo

    • Caddo, Caddo, Help! We love you and your poetry, but, as much as I appreciate the awards, I cannot keep up with them and still manage to work fourwindowspress and write a little too. God bless you, and thank you, thank you, thank you, but I’ll never get through half the awards that you have sent our way. I’ll look at the ABC and see what it’s about, but awards are tough for us to maintain. Your spirit is as wide as a New Mexico sky and special as New Mexico sunshine. Love, Tom and Ethel

  9. Your daughter, Sonja, also wisely looks upward to the light! Redwoods always amaze me and teach me about keeping on keeping on.

  10. A wonderful image, like a teepee pointed up to heaven, for shelter and in prayer!

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