Into the World

a photograph by Sonja Bingen

Our youngest grandson, Joey, is autistic. His mother, Sonja, and father, Bill, have patience, grace, and courage in abundance. As a result Joey has discovered fun.


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14 responses to “Into the World

  1. Precious photo, precious story.

  2. Caddo Veil

    Oh what a lovely little boy! How wonderful to “discover” joy–praise to God and his gifted parents! Wishing you and your family an abundantly blessed day.

  3. A truly magnificent picture; and a heartwarming story of love.


  4. A wonderful photo of a special little boy which such special parents (and grandparents!)

    Blessings for Joey’s journey to be filled with as much happiness as possible…through a colorful tunnel of love…

  5. And see how Sonja and Bill are rewarded when Joey comes towards them out of the tunnel of autism into more light by having simple fun!

  6. What a wonderful family, where Joey is treasured and gives back light and pleasure in return!

  7. Julie Catherine

    Beautiful photo, beautiful boy, beautiful family xox

  8. A beautiful photo of a beautiful child, and blessing to your daughter and her husband , blessings that come with a huge effort attached reap huge rewards. Autistic children live in a different realm to us we need to make the effort to break through to them. It is always worth it. I have worked with a few autistic children in the past and I have a nephew who has Asperger’s syndrome which though different also has the person moved into another realm.blessings to you all. xx

  9. What a sweet little boy – this photo made me smile. May he find FUN, and may FUN find him – more and more often. You have such a wonderful family – Joey is lucky to have you all for parents – and grandparents!

  10. You might find Gabrielle Bryden’s blog of interest – Gabrielle is an Australian poet and phsychologist – her son has autism and she has written some very insightful posts on the subject

  11. “Joey has discovered fun.” May he never lose sight of it.

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