a photograph by Alazanto, Kevin Davis, our son

Note: Leo was one of the most wonderful parts of Kevin’s life. He rescued Leo as a wild kitten from underneath his car on a cold morning in Poughkeepsie, New York. When Kevin was extremely ill Leo came to the hospital, and even though Kevin could no longer walk, he slipped out of his wheelchair and got on the floor where Leo immediately snuggled up to him. This photo was taken November 4, 2007.


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20 responses to “Leo

  1. Great focus and composition!

  2. Scriptor Obscura

    So sweet. What a wonderful cat. Is Leo with you now? What a beautiful photo. Thank you for sharing this moment with all of us here on WordPress.

  3. thomag1

    a great wordpress story…very poignant and heartwarming. thanks

  4. Rescued cats make wonderful companions — Kika is her name.

  5. Rescued cats make great companions — her name is Kika.

  6. Ours was rescued from under our first house in Spain, ferral but with a strong Siamese gene with only one eye but with a huge personality and understanding his name is Mr Pushkin Tibbs. The love goes both ways. Love David. Oh! Beautiful photo. Incredible definition. Thanks.

  7. Caddo Veil

    Great photo–though I’m not a pet person, I always want to hear more about your boy. God bless you today!

  8. Love can conquer all boundaries. Your son and Leo had that special bond.

  9. Animals are wonderful they always know when you are ill or unwell and they always make us feel better!! is he still alive , I had a wonderful cat just like Leo no longer here.

  10. A lovely story to accompany a beautiful photo. Leo and your son had a special relationship.

  11. Pets warm my heart.

    Lovely photo and touching story. ❤

  12. What a great photo of this beautiful cat – and such a poignant story. It’s wonderful he was there for your son. Cats do have a sixth sense… they know what’s going on, and when they’re needed.

  13. What an exquisite photo of a gorgeous feline. It’s a powerful composition and the intensely sharp detail makes it look like an etching or a scratchboard drawing. I love it.

  14. Caddo Veil

    Hi again–I’ve nominated you for another award: the “One Lovely Blog Award”. By now you have to figure that, if I get one–you’re up next!! God bless you (and don’t feel any obligation, just “love”!).

  15. Thomas,

    This is beautiful – that is all I can say


  16. Wonderful photograph. As a lover and owner of cats (all rescued) over many years, I have had such amazing relationships with them and certainly know how devoted and comforting they can be. This reflection on Leo and Kevin is very tender…and moving. Thank you for sharing what comes from your heart as well as your art.

  17. Love the kitty. Looks like a cat we had for at least 18 years. A very good age for a farm cat.

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