Sonnet 21

by Thomas Davis

She’d showed him Vassar on his first day there.
That evening, going home, she saw him walking
a street so bleak he should have been aware
no stranger should be nonchalantly hiking.
She stopped her car, rolled down the window, frowning,
and asked him if he knew where he was at.
He laughed and said that he was lost, eyes sparkling,
“but I’ll be fine.” He was an alley cat.

She shook her head, but watched him walk and chat
about the universe, his mind engaged,
his deep-song spirit like an acrobat
that dares to fly upon Creation’s stage.

And somehow, starting from a place apart,
He/she flamed bright inside each other’s hearts.


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6 responses to “Sonnet 21

  1. What a beautiful moment of love…so real in the details and emotions. Your words flow so naturally, yet at the end I marvel at their perfection. I wish I could write Sonnets so well.

  2. Such a romantic moment of first meeting!

  3. What a great little anecdote: enough said to set the scene and tell the action; enough unspoken to start a whole train-load of questions running.
    And I love that “deep-song spirit like an acrobat / that dares to fly upon Creation’s stage”.
    Perfectly crafted lines too!

  4. Felines, alley, house, wild, large or small impress, mystify and enthrall.
    Your Sonnet 21 is terrific. I need three “Like” buttons for this one…

  5. This would read ‘pure’ in any language, no doubt; a clean & truly timeless passage of writing.

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