The Birth

by Ethel Mortenson Davis
To Sonja

I had no choice
because the earth and sky
threw up so much

no choice
but to accept
the High Tea Ceremony.

That night,
and all the day before,
the earth was cold
with wind-driven snow,

inhuman nurses
in an old hospital,
the father barred
from my room.

Finally your time came
in the early morning
with dark skies and gray clouds

like the snow clouds
over the mesas this morning
that came
with wind-driven snow
and ice crystals.

But in a moment,
the sun had shone
in the threatening blackness,
and a great arc of rainbow
bowed across the western
and northern skies,

making it all worthwhile.


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7 responses to “The Birth

  1. “and a great arc of rainbow bowed across the western and northern skies,”
    and a new life began under it…

  2. Absolutely magnificent.. the birth of the child as a force of nature, the child’s arrival as the start of a new epoch. Wonderful. I felt this at the births of my sons (though the hospital was newer and I was present).

  3. annsosnowski

    Such beautiful flow. The lead really popped me in the beginning. I had no choice/ because the earth and sky/ threw up so much/ poetry,” Devastatingly beautiful.

  4. This is how it is, and you’ve written it beautifully and tenderly!

  5. This is beautiful!

    “Making it all worthwhile” – so true that we do t over and again.

    You have brought to mind the birth of my first child. It was only in 1972 and I ended up having an emergency C section. The baby had been distressed and refused to be born, so they brought him out and then immediately took him away to the special care unit and refused to let me see him for a day and a half and only then because I insisted. You can imagine how that felt. My husband could see him but they couldn’t be bothered to put me in a chair and wheel me to him. (He now has two beautiful children of his own)

    You have prompted me – I may write a poem about this.

    I have just found you via Tikarmavodicka. I will be back to read more!


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