Sonnet 12

by Thomas Davis

Before we reached the bank two twelve year olds
were on the water in the good canoe.
Both Brand and I looked at our sons1, their coup
apparent as they grinned at us, both bold
enough to know that, ten feet out, they controlled
the moment even though the wind still blew
and rain was falling hard, the clouds a stew
of swirling turbulence and cold.

“Okay,” Brand said. Inside the inlet, calm
prevailed, but as we went into the lake
the waves were higher than our heads. The qualms
I’d had at seeing youngsters make their break
to manhood with a crazymad aplomb
unmanned me–as they left me in their wake.

1 Brand Windmiller and his son, Jesse, and Kevin.


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5 responses to “Sonnet 12

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog…yours is really cool full of art and poetry and visual gifts from the world around us!


  2. Ah, those fearless 12-year olds! I love this… !!

  3. Fear, dread of what’s ahead…

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