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Beneath the Willow Tree

by Thomas Davis

Beneath the willow tree she lies down
beside the river that runs to the sea,
near the reeds and long stems of grasses
that fall gently to the flowing waters.

Has there ever been a woman so graceful?
She lies her head back and her hair cascades
Like willowy branches upon the bark of the willow.
She stirs, and her body moves in dance.

O, let the rain fall down from the skies!
Invite the thunder into the place of your house!
Rejoice that the sun is the cock of the morning!
Laugh when the wind blows through the trees!

My love is like a strumming banjo!
Touch her, and she responds with movement!
Speak to her, and her voice lifts in song!
O heart and soul of my love, do you hear?

Note: The love poems I am posting are from the earliest days of what is now a love affair that is 45 years old. I am looking back in time and celebrating who Ethel and I were when we were young and who we have been through all these years of our lives.


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