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The Visit

by Ethel Mortenson Davis

From the air
I recognize
the greenness of the land,
but especially
the straight, square lines
of sections and highways—
unlike the winding, dusty
roads back home.

I bring a rose
for you, Mama,
nestled in among
names like Berg, Nyquist
And Olson.

Even here
they pick on a person
that does not fit in—
like chickens do
to the least of their own.

These are the descendents
of people who threw
boiling water
from upstairs windows
on the Anishinabe people
as they were marched through
the little towns of Minnesota.

I touch the turquoise
around my neck
and feel its warmth.

In that vast desert
back home,
there is a place called acceptance,
a place my people
would call
a wasteland.


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