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by Ethel Mortenson Davis

When I was young
I yearned for a pony,
a brown, bushy-maned,
fast-stepping pony:

One that I could let
have his head
and taste what freedom
really was.

When I was older,
I told everyone
I was going to marry
a man from the West
that owned a horse ranch.

Now I’m getting too old
to ride horses,
but can watch herds
of wild horses
in the West —

if they can keep
from getting caught
and made slaves out of;
they are the freest
of all horses,

like birds
who are the freest
of us all.


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We Have All Been Slaves and Rich Men

by Ethel Mortenson Davis

We have all been slaves
and rich men.
We have run like the salmon
have run
with our freedom gone.
Be it red man, black man,
yellow or white,
we have all
been prisoners on this earth.
We have all
been free men.
And now the brightest star
in the east

“Get on your pony
for the one last ride
before the dark.”


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