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Little Bird

by Ethel Mortenson Davis

for April Chischilly

Little bird,
with wound on her chest,
comes to my water
each day.

Other birds
push her back,
but she is steadfast and stays.
She reminds me of you.

The first sunlight
that warms my body
in the early spring
after a long, cold winter
reminds me of you.

This morning, as the red, glowing mushroom
shone out from the dark forest floor,
an orange- red like no other,
it, too,
reminds me of you.


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Little Bird

by Ethel Mortenson Davis

for Rocco Tripodi who worked with children in theater

Little bird
came near
my window.
Ruffled feathers
couldn’t keep
his eyes from closing.

I found him later,
just a wisp
of a body.

Only yesterday
he was bright-eyed
with slicked-back feathers.

The townspeople said
he taught
their children
how to fly.


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