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New Mask

a pastel by Ethel Mortenson Davis



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Ethel’s new book on amazon

I guess Ethel’s new book, Under the Tail of the Milky Way, was pulled from while they reviewed corrections to two small spelling errors I had made during the publication process.  I looked at amazon this morning, and the book was back up.  I hope anyone who went to to purchase the book and then couldn’t will consider going back and completing their purchase.  Some of the poems, as Ethel’s followers will already know, are absolutely wonderful.  Tom Davis.



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Standing Feather, Betty Hayes Albright at Otherworlds Books in Sturgeon Bay

The owner of Otherworlds Books in Sturgeon Bay is featuring two Four Windows Press books at her bookstore, The Glowing Pink and Skipping Stones.  I hope some of the readers of this blog will consider buying a copy.  They are both really good books!


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OtherWorld Books Signing

OtherWorld post.jpg


July 4, 2018 · 9:44 pm

Open to Sunshine Spiderwart

A photograph by Sonja Bingen



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A Glowing Pink Released!

Four Windows Press announces the release of a new book, The Glowing Pink by Standing Feather. Standing Feather is a New Mexico poet who lives near the El Morro National Monument and the Ancient Way Cafe. He operates a gallery, Galleria Carnaval, and paints as well as writes magnificent poetry.

Copies can be ordered at or from Standing Feather’s gallery.

Glowing Pink.jpg

Praise for The Glowing Pink

In The Glowing Pink, Standing Feather reminds us of the almost unspeakable intimacy shared by all beings. I view the poems of this collection as passageways to the sacred, to the sheer beauty and wonder of life. Reality is luminous. There are songs and blessings for “creatures that may spend their entire lives inside a flower.” What nourishes us, what makes us whole, is empathy, and an awareness of our union with the universe. Line by line, page by page, these poems are a deep bow to all of life: the vast, the miniscule, the unseen.

James Janko, winner of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs Pride for the Novel, author of The Clubhouse Thief and Buffalo Boy and Geronimo

If poetry has a searing edge that is part flame and part cool, silver moonlight, mixed with the fragrance of deep emotion, it has reached beyond everydayness into a realm as wild, beautiful, and perhaps dangerous, as those regions of space where stars are born. There must be music too, even if it is subtle music, and an unusual insight into human experience and what substances are melded together to make a human spirit. It must also look outward to others, whether they are people or living parts of the earth, and create an ecosystem of connections that reflect out of the poet into the reader so that the reader can discover something vital and true about themselves. In The Glowing Pink Standing Feather achieves all of this as poem after poem images with words that either are carved from the bedrock of stone quarried from generations of poets or sparked like flashes of quicksilver dancing and twisting into a bewilderment of light and dark. If we need a reason to read poetry, then this book gives us that reason. Thomas Davis, author of The Weirding Storm and three novels.


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Untitledtown Today!

I’ll be at the Untitled Two Book and Author Festival today and tomorrow. Today at 11:00 a.m. I’ll be working the book fair with my daughter, Mary Wood, at the Broadway Center at Old Fort Square in downtown Green Bay.

At 5:00 p.m. I am giving a reading at the Aardvark Wine Lounge at 204 South Pine Street.

Then, tomorrow, at 2:00 p.m. Kat Abbot, a writer and television producer from Madison, and I will be doing a workshop: Beyond the Game of Thrones Worldbuilding in SF and Fantasy. Want to know how to write a SF or fantasy novel, play, television, or movie script? Kat Abbot and I can give you some really practical advice.

Featured Presenters at the festival? Roxane Gay * R.L. Stine * Kristen Radtke * Danez Smith * Christopher Moore * Michael Perry * José Orduña * Hillary Jordan *Peter Geye *Dan Chaon

I hope everyone that is interested in building a book culture in Northeastern Wisconsin floods downtown Green Bay!


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