About Being Lost

by Ethel Mortenson Davis

 As a different species,
 you were there
 in the beginning,
 leading the toddler
 clinging to the long hairs
 on the ruff of your neck
 out of the vast corn field 
 and into the arms of frantic parents.
 Then, in midlife,
 you led us
 out of the western wilderness
 back to the road—
 how glad we were
 to find a way out.
 Now, in old age,
 you are disappearing
 from our lives—
 a little each day,
 as a new wilderness
 looms on our horizon.
 Who will lead us back 
 to the road now? 


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3 responses to “About Being Lost

  1. T.L.T

    Dear Ethel, it is rare that I read a poem that I feel I almost fully understand. This one is one of those. I am wishing you all well, from Albuquerque.

  2. It is so nice to hear that. Thank you!

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