New Cover for my new book of poetry was just finalized!

Meditations on the Ceremonies of Beginnings is a book of poetry developed over decades as I played my small role in the tribal colleges and universities and world indigenous nation’s higher education consortium movements. Tribal College Press has announced it will be released in late November. The cover design just came in! The drawing is by Ethel Mortenson Davis.

You’ll have to enlarge to cover to read the writing, but I am especially excited about what Carrie Billy, one of the great leaders of the tribal college and university movement, and Kimberly Blaeser, on the most important Native American poets in the United States, say about the book.


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5 responses to “New Cover for my new book of poetry was just finalized!

  1. Another milestone in your unstintingly busy creative and productive life, Tom. Accompanied by another in Ethel’s ongoing series of eye-catching book covers.

  2. Looks like another wonderful book, Tom — congratulations!!

    • Thanks so much Betty Hayes. I wish your book was still selling, but… If we can ever get over the coronavirus and I can go to shows and bookstores again, perhaps we’ll do better. I am excited about this book, though, and Tribal College Press is a quality publisher.

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