To Phil Hanisota, My Friend

I received news that Phil Hanisota had passed away a few days ago. I mostly knew Phil as a poet, but his gentleness and intellect as a brilliant medical researcher and a man who was always helping others around the world, had an enormous impact on my life. I miss him fiercely.

by Thomas Davis  

Some souls walk through this life, their eyes so bright
with all the good inside humanity
that gentleness is who they are, their light
a breath, a song that pulses ceaselessly
into the restlessness of humankind,
the anger, rage, hate,  glory, love, and hope
that layers through our relatives and winds
into eternity’s kaleidoscope,
and though we smile and joke and gently laugh
to see them as they age into our days,
we never sense the coming choreograph
that lets us know that time is just a phase
that passes as we contemplate a soul
that touched our lives and helped to make us whole.


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12 responses to “To Phil Hanisota, My Friend

  1. A lovely tribute, Tom. It is always tragic when a beloved friend dies; something that happens more and more frequently as we too get older and closer to our earthly end.

  2. As I said on Facebook, Tom, these lines make a most thoughtful and tender eulogy to your friend.

  3. Sayword


  4. Heartfelt tribute to your friend. This is lovely.

  5. I’m so sorry for your loss, Thomas. This is a great tribute. (I especially love “eternity’s kaleidoscope”.)

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