The Roots of Trees

by Thomas Davis

Crawl down into the roots of trees,
and you will find fungi there,
and water drawn from the soil,
and chemicals will be carrying messages
to other root systems that lead
to other trees
that rise above the ground
and leave their messages into the sky
as they draw in breaths and sunshine
in order to convert energy
into bark, branches, and roots.

While you are underground,
be sure to feel the solidity of earth,
the movements that communicate
soil and rock are as alive
as the trees that tell each other
of danger
of opportunity
of when it is time for an old mother
to at last allow her progeny
to start growing toward the light.


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7 responses to “The Roots of Trees

  1. Lest we forget …

    An ever timely reminder.

    • Ah Ben, we are working on the Anthology, still unnamed, but there are too many great poems. It is taking time, but I want you to know how much I appreciate you.

      • I have a couple of things to send you that strongly relates to “The Roots Of Trees”. Meantime thank you for your kindness and I send you both best wishes.

  2. Sayword

    really, really nice, Tom.
    You and Ethel stay safe. xo Sayword

    • You and Karen stay safe too, Sayword. Right now you are at a higher risk than we are. Door County has not had a diagnosed case of the virus yet. You both are special human beings in our book. Right now we’re just waiting for the blasted thing to get here. Write lots of poetry! Let us know when your new book comes out so that we can buy it.

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