The Kurdish Left Behind

by Ethel Mortenson Davis

On our walk today
a large flock of Canadian geese
rose up into the air.
Then a single call came
from somewhere deep in the woods,
a haunting sound made
by an injured or sick bird,
calling for help.

Migrating geese leave
their injured and sick behind.
Winter overtakes them
and ends their suffering.

It is like the Kurdish people
we left behind today,
or the Central Americans—
they reached for our hands,
crying out through their pain and suffering,
and we turned our backs on them,
left them for their enemies and winter
to finish them off.


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13 responses to “The Kurdish Left Behind

  1. There’s a lot of suffering in the world, but those who suffer the most are those we turn our backs on.

  2. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:
    Ethel Mortenson Davis posted this morning, putting a period on my previous posting. The world needs more poets!

  3. We are heartbroken. Ethel. Thank you.

  4. Nature can be cruel
    Even human nature
    Yet as individuals
    We retain the power
    To choose
    And the burden

  5. Just like the Armenians.
    Not important enough to the West
    to prevent wholesale slaughter.

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  7. Poignant poem, Ethel. Makes one weep at the atrocities. I keep hoping humanity is evolving but then the unthinkable happens. Again and again….

    • No one will step forward. Our country is going down. Thank you for responding. We send you love and joy. I love Anna’s poetry from Canada. Wish we could connect. Love Ethel

      • Thank you, Ethel. Love and joy back to you and Tom. Hopefully we’ll get through these difficult times and the planet will survive.
        I’ve lost touch with Anna since she left WP. Have missed her poetry. (Guess I need to become active on Facebook, but then no time for poetry.)
        Peace and good health to you.

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