Doorway at Chaco Canyon, In Memory of Kevin Michael Davis

Doorways at Chaco Canyon

Kevin Michael Davis, our son, has been gone for nine years.  He took this photo while visiting us while we lived in Continental Divide, NM.  We wish we could walk through these doors and see him for at least one more time.


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12 responses to “Doorway at Chaco Canyon, In Memory of Kevin Michael Davis

  1. How powerful and touching. I am so sorry for the loss of your son, Kevin. He remains in your heart forever.


    A light extinguished
    Need only be rekindled
    To shine forth once more

  3. Oh! I do understand that need. Hugs.

  4. extrasimile

    This may be one of the most beautiful pictures I,ve ever seen. A photograph of pure unmediated reality. .It leaves you gasping, frugal and alone. Tom and Ethel, I wish, I wish…. well, I just wish.

  5. extrasimile

    I’ve taken the liberty of putting this picture on my blog, if you don’t want it there just let- me know,

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