In the Land of Flaming Green Lights

To the Sami people, Jon Henrick Fjallgren

by Ethel Mortenson Davis

My ears are pointed
towards your song,
O Northern son.
It is the call
of the wild arctic wolf,
the sound of icy rivers
rushing over rock,
the kiss of hummingbird wings.
It is a siren call
that has captured me
and now brings me home
to the land of flaming green lights.


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6 responses to “In the Land of Flaming Green Lights

  1. Shimmering in resonance.

  2. Lovely images, Ethel. Your poetry is always delicately beautiful.

  3. Wonderful. I’m a great fan of Jon Henrik Fjallgren; and we had the great privilege of hearing a joik from a Sami reindeer herder when we visited Norway a couple of years ago. The aurora and the North are truly magical and you capture them beautifully, as always. Nick.

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