by Ethel Mortenson Davis

As children
we don’t forgive
our parents.

As parents
we forgive
our children,

opening up
one of the back rooms,
sweeping up
the dust,

making room
again for you.


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7 responses to “Thanksgiving

  1. Beautifully put Ethel. It’s as though the poem turns round on the spot.

  2. I love your words, Ethel. The U.S. Thanksgiving Day is a fine opportunity to pause and take stock of both this and everything. Today it has also gifted with some thought and words of my own for which thank you. I hope you and all you friends and family had a wonderful day.


    Children have a wisdom
    That adults have lost

    Adults have a wisdom
    Children have yet to acquire

    May we never sail on blindly
    Missing one another by miles

  3. Fish Trebian

    Yes that’s so true. Thank u for soothing my soul with your poems.

  4. I too love this poem, Ethel. So powerful, a parent’s love…. I hope you and Tom had a pleasant Thanksgiving.

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