Navajo Technical University Project

One of the projects I have been working on, along with a lot of other people, has been a new educational model centered on the Bond Wilson Technical Center in Kirtland, NM.  Kathy Isaacson, who has been key to helping put the project together, created this video of the project.  I appear in it toward the end of the video.


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10 responses to “Navajo Technical University Project

  1. It was good to see you again. WOW! Those are so dynamic programs…perfect into today’s world.

  2. Tom, thanks for sharing. This model of dual-credit in the vocational/technical area of education works. As a vo-tech administrator at Lone Star College in the north Houston area, I worked with area ISD’s where kids could get started toward obtaining either a certificate or AAS degree.

    Just one more way our paths seem to keep crossing — kenne

    • You were an educational administrator then, Kenne? No wonder our paths keep weaving together now and then. The challenge on Navajo is to get the students out of where they are so they can envision a world that is not dominated by poverty and the host of ills associated with poverty. I am hoping this works and expecting that it will. Thanks for this comment.

  3. A laudible use of your time and expertise.

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