Tribal Colleges and STEM

by Thomas Davis

I thought some of the readers of Four Windows Press might enjoy this video:, which describes the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math work being done in tribal colleges across the United States.

This is obviously not about poetry, art, or photography, but I have worked in American Indian Education from 1972 up to the present time. I helped establish the National Science Foundation’s Tribal College and University’s Program (TCUP), working closely with Carrie Billy, then the Director of President Bill Clinton’s White Initiative of Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs), that this video explores. My role was not that important really, but I am proud of the work I did throughout my career in the tribal college movement nevertheless. Carty Monette and Carol Davis, both featured in the video, are not only good friends, but played a major role in helping establish the TCUs nationwide.

What the TCUs are achieving throughout the United States is, at least in my opinion, some of the most important educational work being done in the world today. This video just gives a small glimpse of that work and might introduce to at least some of you the TCUs.


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3 responses to “Tribal Colleges and STEM

  1. Very interesting! Thank you, Tom. For this post and for your work.

  2. Wonderful video that explains the work you’ve done and are still doing. What great programs! I was especially interested in the Lummi Nation segment, as the pullution and poisoning of our clams affects the entire Northwest. (This is in our news often but I’ve never seen it mentioned that tribal colleges are involved in the research. It’s about time their work be acknowledged.)
    Thanks for the education, Thomas!

  3. Yes, that’s very interesting Tom, and I can readily understand the passion with which the different researchers speak. You’ve had a rewarding career too.

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