Conversations with Gadot

by Ethel Mortenson Davis

“Why did you pick those two?
People who didn’t like girls,
didn’t want any nohow.

“But, you know, when I have girls
I’m going to love them and hold them
and tell them they are something.

“Speak with them on a summer night
when the sweet perfume
from wild honeysuckle fills the air.

“Talk to them about the wild things—
things that are important, you know, God’s things.

“Cause when I was born and grew up,
all the love I had came from the wild things—
the wind, the sky, the earth,
and the animals—not from people.
People just spoiled everything.
You know, they killed things.

“But, you know, had they been more right people,
it could have been paradise.”

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