by Ethel Mortenson Davis

The young father
his newborn daughter
across his chest
and then slipped on his skis.

This was a cold February
in the land of lakes and trees
with dancing green lights.

Here he connected,
just as his ancestors
before him connected,
to the starry night,

just as his daughter
will someday bind
her infant
across her heart,
presenting a new life
under the milky-green
foam of stars,

under the great tail
of the Milky Way Galaxy
above her shoulders.


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8 responses to “Presentation

  1. Beautifully described tradition, Ethel. Wonderful imagery!

  2. This is spellbinding Ethel. It’s a scene both of tenderness and awe, which is a wonderful and unusual combination.

  3. Sophia Wood

    Wow Nana. I love this more than anything. Reminds me of my papa.

  4. Perfect evocation of the magic and majesty of age long tradition alive today and stretching on into the future and the heart of true humanity.

  5. This is one magical moment.

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