Upon the Edge of Sanity and Fear

by Thomas Davis

The edge where sanity and fear collide
Whirls passions that are uncontrollable
Into events that spark events that tide
Across the barriers of shores and scull
Destruction, pestilence, a flood of woe
Fermented in assumptions drawn from trials
That litter through all human lives and flow
Like water over hopes, beliefs, denials,

And on the edge, in ferment’s shifting shape,
Decisions ratchet back and forth; dreams lure
The spirit as dire consequences scrape
Against the future suddenly obscure
Enough to paralyze the strength from hands
That long to civilize the hinterlands.


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3 responses to “Upon the Edge of Sanity and Fear

  1. The edge that you describe Tom, a place that we see in the world too often … let us hope that sanity prevails …

    • I am not so sure it will at the moment, John. But we’ll see. In the U.S. we are hoping for a Democratic victory in November. I’m not always sure of the Democrats, but the Trump insanity is too much.

  2. You’ve described the current state of insanity in our current administration accurately, Thomas. I too am very worried about the future of this country. “…dire consequences” do indeed “scrape against the future…”!
    Masterfully written, as always. (I intend to email you soon.)

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