Love Singing Alive the Moon

by Thomas Davis

Upon a shore where sheets of ice had stacked
Into a shadowed sky, the full moon round
And silver in a field of stars that tracked
The darkness with eternity, the sound
Of waves beyond the ice a lullabye
That serenaded who they were, they walked
And held each other’s hands and felt the sigh
Of what they’d lived inside the talk they’d talked.

And in between their words, love sang the moon
Alive to whom their dreams said they would be
As passion beat against soft silver strewn
As light across ice shards, a filigree
That echoed pulsing waves, blood stirred, inflamed
Into two lifetimes that was love exclaimed.


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10 responses to “Love Singing Alive the Moon

  1. OwnShadow

    Gets better with each re-reading. ‘Love exclaimed’ is a great ending.

  2. Thomas, I love this. Beautiful and perfectly perfect! Will be back to read again.

    • Ah, Betty. I am still thinking about your deep water poems. I am.

      • Thomas, I appreciate that. Am still pondering possibilities. (The Mayberrie poems are a subset of the Deep Water poems, and those are the ones I’d like to polish up for publication. But still have a lot of obstacles. Will email you soon.)

      • Betty, I’m working on a book of poetry for Standing Feather right now, a New Mexico poet. We’ll see how that it does. If it does well enough maybe I can think about your book. We’ll see, though. Funding is always a problem. I was thinking about trying an advanced sale to your and my readers too. You are such a good poet with such a large following. We have to keep thinking about this.

  3. Sayword

    just beautiful Tom

  4. Lovely words, lovely images, lovely ideas.

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