Ethel’s Poem on Poetry Breakfast This Morning

Ethel’s poem, “Cold”, has been published by Poetry Breakfast this morning.  Poetry Breakfast emails one poem a day to subscribers.  It publishes some of the finest and most accomplished poets being published today.  You can see Ethel’s poem at:, the site’s web page.  I hope you’ll find time to go to Poetry Breakfast this morning.


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4 responses to “Ethel’s Poem on Poetry Breakfast This Morning

  1. I follow Poetry Breakfast regularly Tom but I’m very glad you drew attention here to Ethel’s poem. As always it is beautiful. It’s not possible to comment on the Poetry Breakfast website so I’m pleased to be able to pass on my appreciation to Ethel here.

  2. Congratulations to Ethel! I will be taking a look at the Poetry Breakfast site as soon as I get a chance.

  3. An arresting piece, Ethel. Still awaiting a reply to my query as to whether know/read/like Terry Pratchett.

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