Review of The Weirding Storm, A Dragon Epic

The Peninsula Pulse, a publication with a 15,000 circulation, has just posted a review of my book, The Weirding Storm, A Dragon Epic. I am thrilled with Jack Jaeger’s review. The reviews the book has received so far have all been positive. I am so grateful to Bennison Books for publishing it. I was surprised too by the $9.50 price tag, so I am hopeful it’s affordable to an ever-growing audience.

The review is posted online at

The print copy includes the “Invocation to the Dragon Muse”, which follows epic convention and introduces the story. The online version does not, but I am grateful to all of those who have reviewed it so far on,, and in other venues.

What has amazed me is that the reviewers seem to all be picking up on the relationship of the story to the current world. The novelist D.M. Denton and a college instructor from Tennessee, Dana Grams, both noted that relationship as does Jaeger. I thank all of them and am hoping for more reviews to appear. Tom


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8 responses to “Review of The Weirding Storm, A Dragon Epic

  1. A wonderful and well-deserved review, Thomas! I read it all (including the additional link) and enjoyed very much. Congratulations again on the success of your book!

    • Thanks much Betty. I still believe you should think about publishing the deep water poems.

      • Thanks for your confidence in me, Tom. I have been seriously thinking about a book but am afraid the cost would be prohibitive. However, just in case, I’ve been polishing them up. Have also been doing some changes with the Mayberrie series including changing the spelling to Maebery. Any suggestions on how to find a publisher are welcome!
        Thank you again, for all your encouragement these last few years, Tom.

  2. That’s great news Tom! I loved your Invocation by the way.

  3. Sayword

    great review Tom. Where can I get a copy??

  4. On amazon, Sayword, or at Standing Feather’s gallery, or Barnes and Noble online. It’s by a British publisher, so I have seen a couple of copies in bookstores around here, but I have no idea how many bookstores have copies. I would be absolutely thrilled if you got a copy. I hope you’ll let me know what you think of it.

  5. I still savouring my way through The Weirding Storm (the book as well as life) and I think I told you I sent a copy to a friend as a birthday present. I am appreciative of the various changes from the original WP version , which add further depth and colour to the story and underscore the allegorical slant. As this review notes, we are not only talking here about our dire contemporary situation but the recurring blight that bedevils humanity. The Weirding Storm is a clarion call for all who will listen. Bless you.

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