by Alazanto, Kevin Davis, our beloved son

Alazanto was Kevin Davis, our son


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7 responses to “Power

  1. A web of power and beauty with butterflies and spiders so creatively positioned. Very lovely!

  2. I’ve been contacting Cynthia Jobin’s friends today to tell them her blog was not removed but remains at
    Most people thought her blog was gone and I think it was because dotnet was actually part of the name of her blog!

    I’ve been looking at your son’s art work since I followed you back from Cynthia’s to tell you about Cynthia’s blog. His work is elegant and imaginative.~Ginene Nagel

  3. I like that a lot, Tom and Ethel. How did he do it? I know he was a photographer but this looks more like artwork.

    • He actually was a powerful artist, following in his mother’s footsteps, as he was a photographer, John, especially when it came to web design. Not only were his designs featured in U.S. books on web design, but also in Japanese texts on that topic. I once saw him draw a face using only html code without using any of the drawing tools available at the time. He had a lot of talents.

  4. .Web design on two levels. And very both powerful.

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