by Ethel Mortenson Davis

The trees have always
extended their hands to us,
making deep, cool chambers of cedar,
birch and maple,
where enlightenment is possible.

But we, in turn,
have responded
with a sharp slap
to the side of their face.

The women of Kenya
started a green revolution
across their land:
Women planting trees
in hope of stopping
the encroaching desert.

Trees that created a moist climate,
pulling water to the parched lips of Kenya.

When our great, great, grandchildren
ask us what we have done
to save the trees on our planet,
will we be the generation of enlightenment,
or one with empty hands?


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3 responses to “Trees

  1. A topic dear to my heart, and artfully expressed.

  2. Nice to hear you again. Hope you are healthy and in good spirits. Ethel

  3. Amid so much destruction and despair it is good to be reminded that there are also places, and people, where more positive things are under way.

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