Publication in The Lyric

I just posted two sonnets and then the latest issue of The Lyric arrived in the mail.  The Lyric is the oldest magazine dedicated to traditional verse forms in the North America. Its website can be found at My Shakespearean sonnet, “A Lover’s Song,” which was written to Ethel several years ago, is in the new issue. I subscribe to the magazine and have had another sonnet published in it about a year ago.


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8 responses to “Publication in The Lyric

  1. Oh well done Tom – congratulations!

  2. Good for you, Thomas! I only recently discovered and subscribed to The Lyric, though it’s a well-established, long-standing publication. It’s good to know that formal poetry is making a comeback, of sorts. I may submit something there in the near future…a sonnet or a rondeau maybe. Meanwhile I can look forward to seeing you appear in those pages!

  3. Thomas, congratulations on another poem published in “The Lyric”!! I remember a sonnet that you wrote for Ethel awhile back – will try to find it to re-read (if it’s the same one I’m thinking of). You’ve written so many wonderful sonnets (and other traditional forms of poetry) – hope you keep submitting them for publication.

    • I’ve well over 80 sonnets in my sonnet file, Betty. Strangely enough, when I think about all the love poems I’ve written, too few of them have been love sonnets. At least that’s true in the most obvious sense. The 43 sonnets I wrote during and after Kevin’s death are all love sonnets in a sense–just not traditional ones. Thanks so much for coming here to read. I hope you are well. Ethel and I think about you every once in awhile and wonder how you’re doing.

      • Thomas, that’s a lot of sonnets! (And you’re right, the ones you wrote for Kevin are also love sonnets.) I admire those of you who keep the traditional forms going.
        I think of you and Ethel too, and keep intending to email you, just to see how you are and to keep in touch. Now and then some good days allow me to get caught up a little here on WP – fortunately. Thank you so much for your continued visits to my own blog!

      • Ah Betty, you are so special as a person. May your days be filled with sunshine and health. May you find Mayberrie in the spring and take flight as an unusual song bird into blue skies that ache with tomorrow.

  4. Congratulations, Tom. 🙂

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