House of Tomato Post of Thomas and Ethel Mortenson Davis’s Green Bay Reading

The House of Tomato website, developed by Tori Grant Welhouse, one of Wisconsin’s most important poets, a graduate of Antioch University London, and the Vice President for the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets in northeast Wisconsin, has posted a podcast from the poetry reading Ethel and I did in Green Bay on Thursday at the Reader’s Loft Bookstore. The website address is for those who might be interested.


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8 responses to “House of Tomato Post of Thomas and Ethel Mortenson Davis’s Green Bay Reading

  1. I’ll bet that was fun! Sorry I cannot access your link; I don’t subscribe to Facebook.

  2. Your link sent me to Facebook (as I said above) but I tried simply searching for the website itself and lo and behold I got it! Then I clicked “Poets 2016” and then “March” and there you were!
    It was such a treat to be able to put an audible voice to each of your now familiar poetry voices… added a whole new dimension to the experience of the poems….rich and delightful. Thank you!

    • Cynthia, I often listen to your poems when I comment on them. I think sound files do add an important dimension. Of course I suspect my poetry, whether it is metrical or free verse, is oriented toward how it will sound. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for posting this performance. With a little intuition and a little exploration I managed to make a copy of all three sequences so now I can relisten to them whenever I wish. 🙂

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