Ladies Need Fur Coats

by Ethel Mortenson Davis

She went to the great black first,
then the bay.

She had carrots
in one of her coat pockets.

“Which pocket?” she asked.
Their soft muzzles always
found the right one,
happy to munch the carrots.

Then one day
the black was gone,
his stall cleaned out,
and shovels put in his place.

“Where’s Dick?” she asked.

“He went to the fox farm because
ladies need fur coats,” he said.

The bay remained for
a number of years,
sleeping in the winter sun
with his head too low to the ground.

Then one day the bay too
was gone,
his great body and his work
folded into the fields
outside his window.


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4 responses to “Ladies Need Fur Coats

  1. Such a poignant piece this one.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. love this poem, Ethel…and admire so much your beautiful exhibit at UU!

  3. I’ll try this again…first time it didn’t seem to take! Love this poem, and I so admire the exhibit of your beautiful art at UU…

  4. sayword

    lovely and sad, Ethel

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