Song of Ecstasy

by Ethel Mortenson Davis

She is the sort that hears the song
the hills make after a heavy rain —
a humming sound one hears
first through the finger tips,
then the ears.

She’s the sort that dances with antelope at dusk,
playing in the field until dawn.

She’s the sort that makes the insect song —
not bell, nor click, but a rhythm in-between:

like the sound the silver pieces
sewn on her dress and leggings make,
a sound like wind and bell
as she makes her grand entry
in a circle around the village —

head held high,
her hair flowing behind her,

tasting the song of pure ecstasy
like honey on the tongue.


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8 responses to “Song of Ecstasy

  1. Elizabeth Herron

    This is so beautiful Ethel!

  2. Exquisitely beautiful, one feels so very connected to the Earth’s Song as I read this .. Pure Nectar 🙂 to my senses

  3. Beautifully written very delecate prose.

  4. She’s quite something, this lady, and this is quite a poem Ethel! There’s a quality of magic. She could be — and perhaps is — an enchanting person you have in mind; equally she could be imaginary, almost an archetype. It’s even possible to read the lines as a eulogy to poetry itself. As you see, I enjoyed it.

  5. This poem truly captures the Spirit of the Original People; our Indigenous ones. Her dance being an offering to the Creator… beautiful.

    My name is Melissa Nelson; I’ve just been introduced to you and your husbands art, poetry and literature through the wonderful article on Tom in Door County Living. I am so deeply touched by your depth of feeling and understanding of Indigenous life and ways.

    I share that great love and respect; having lived with the Northern Cheyenne and Yu’Pik, being adopted into families there and traveling the world with the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers over the past 10 years as their physician.

    I would love to hear more of your stories and experiences. If you have readings coming up or would like to meet for coffee some time I would love to meet you both.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful creativity, your art and craft.

    Melissa Nelson DC

    • So nice to meet you, Melissa.I have an art show at the Meadows Art Gallery in Sister Bay. This is the greatest comment we have ever received. Thank you. We will be excited to have coffee with. Ethel

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