Laughing Colors

by Alazanto, Kevin Davis, our son



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4 responses to “Laughing Colors

  1. Such beautiful designs, and heart warming colours. But how did he make them? Are they paintings?

  2. John, Kevin used a computer to draw them I believe. He had a startling ability to draw with code. I saw him do a detailed face when he was still at home with us in Carlton, Minnesota once. It was almost confusing. He was at the computer typing out Common Style Sheet code extremely rapidly. I asked him what he was doing. He told me, “drawing a face.” A face? That way? At the time that seemed inexplicable. Then, later, he printed out what he had drawn only using code. It was unbelievable. He did a series of pieces like this. He was featured both in Japan and U.S. books on computer design for his design skills. His use of light using code often seemed, at least to me, impossible. Still, there is this and the other drawings. I’ve been wondering what ever happened to that face. I’d like to post it, but think it has probably disappeared. How are you?

    • That’s fascinating Thomas. There’s a lot of creativity in your family, so I’m not wholly surprised that your son could do this with computer code — but even so! (I’m fine thanks. Our NZ daughter and children are with us for another ten days)

  3. Laughter remains a powerful medicine.

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