Open Water

by Ethel Mortenson Davis

Today we saw
black swans flying
close to the shore,

looking for open water.

We too look for open water
in our lives,
places that will
nourish and sustain us,

propel us through rocks and ice
that entangle us,
grab at our limbs
and minds, and bury us.

We yearn
for the boundless waters
of this vast lake

as glistening
black swans
yearn for spring’s
warming light.


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11 responses to “Open Water

  1. annajanemark

    …the warm air has come to my hometown and it is wonderful…I walk the same trail, winter to spring, and it always feels like I have such a strong connection to the earth when spring finally arrives and I know this is partly because of having been there for the winter, too. The yearning in the poem just made me think of this.

  2. As always a beautifully crafted poem Ethel. I love how you often use comparison in your work; lovely x

  3. Ina

    The same as the black swans, we also look forward to Spring… Lovely poem 🙂

  4. sayword

    Really nice, Ethel….Spring was here and now it sleeps again as cold, rainy weather moves in. But snow is gone and peas are planted. Hope you and Tom are well. love, Sayword

  5. The endless quest, with at time a temporary nesting place. 🙂

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