by Ethel Mortenson Davis

When I awake
I will not go to the theater,
play parts, do different characters,
but will be who I am.

I will never go back
to that again,
but will go where
there is wilderness and wildlife,
running water, and laps of waves—

See snorting deer.
I am my raw self;
I have no rifle,
and my bent toward you
is harmony.


Filed under Ethel Mortenson Davis, Poetry

5 responses to “Player

  1. I really, really love this poem Ethel. My kind of poetry! 😊 x

  2. Thanks sweet one. Love Ethel

  3. “….and my bent to you is harmony.” I caught my breath as I touched the imagery and implication of the last line.

  4. I’m with you, Ethel, longing only for the natural wildness, without masks or playing parts. Beautifully and succinctly written, once again.

  5. I look forward to meeting you there once again, Ethel, once all this madness is over with..

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