by Ethel Mortenson Davis

Her reach finds
small openings
in the forest canopy
until the carpet
at the bottom brings
every kind of plant and fern to formation.

These are true families
that enjoy each other’s company–
some living at the top of hills,
other kinds in depressions–
trees that are dependent
on plants around them,
plants that only live by certain trees.

Step lightly.
Speak in whispers,
for there are babies sleeping


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17 responses to “Reach

  1. Elizabeth Herron

    Dear Ethel,
    I just love this. It leaves me breathless with wonder and such an appreciation of your poetic eye. This poem lets me know that you are well and fully inhabiting your new world. Love to you and Tom,
    Liz Herron

  2. Just lovely, Ethel. You have breathed your heart into this poem – your love and respect for the nature. It whispers and tip-toes. Beautiful. XO ♥

  3. Ina

    Lovely, a moment in a Summer forest …

  4. This is breathtaking Ethel n a way only you can write; wonderful universe and mysterious too. I know so little.

  5. This is a delight! And also of course a cautionary tale.

  6. Once again a magical, yet totally real world. A reminder and prompt. Thank you.

  7. Anna Mark

    This poem reminds me of a time I spent recently in the forest by the river. I sat so still and for a long time and during that time of sitting still all the babies came out. So, I came home and wrote a little quip about it:

    If you sit still enough
    and for a long time you
    don’t make a sound,
    the babies will come out!

    And they did!!

  8. Oh this is so nice Anna. Love Ethel

  9. Words for the summer hikes in the Catalina’s — the rains a awakening new babies.

  10. Again, beautifully written, inspired by Gaia herself.

    (And again, it makes me resonate. There was a special on PBS not long ago about trees and certain plants that form a symbiotic relationship with them – they need each other to survive. It inspired me – but not as deeply as your poem has.)

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