Better Place

by Ethel Mortenson Davis

if we didn’t want
to go to a better place—
they said when he died
he went to a better place—
we would want to take care
of the earth
and other species.

if we thought
of the earth
as our better place,
we would revere it–
the forest and animals
would be our cathedral.

This morning
the cornered possum
lay down and played dead
until the children and dog left.
Then she got up and ran away,

returning to her cherished life,
her better place.


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9 responses to “Better Place

  1. Oh this is simply wonderul Ethel. You are a master (mistress?) of your craft, truly you are.

  2. We DO need to revere the Earth – this is truly an eloquent, poignant poem. (Just as I type this I hear the flicker calling…. he too is in his “better place”, out in the woods.)

  3. Full of thoughtful wisdom, Ethel. Thank you..

  4. I always enjoy your encouragement. Love Ethel

  5. I so agree, Ethel. We, as a collective, must learn to revere our beautiful planet as though it were heaven on earth. Beautiful poem.

  6. Thank you so much Angela. Love Ethel

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