by Ethel Mortenson Davis

Unearthly stillness,
except for the sound of water
running in rivulets
down the face of cliffs
to the Great lake.
That is earthly.

Sandhill cranes
as if on skirts of air,
suspended in mid-air,
slowly coming down
to start their spring dance:


Filed under Ethel Mortenson Davis, Poetry

10 responses to “Unearthly

  1. Enjoyed seeing them here in southern Arizona before they headed north. Every landing is “unearthly.”

  2. Beautifully sculpted. Great peace and rightness.

  3. Love it Ethel! Conveys the scene beautifully and economically, and then leaves the mind floating.

  4. I leave this poem with my spirit lifted.

    Thank you Ethel


  5. Ethel, I felt a floating sensation, reading of the cranes “unearthly” landing – how beautifully you’ve written this! Your poetry always stuns me with its beauty.

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