The Sacred Space

by Ethel Mortenson Davis

I will make a sacred space around you—
like the dome of heaven over the earth.
There the arrows will not penetrate,
and the bow will not exist.
Inside the air will be
the icy breath of January.
It will awaken you from your sleep,
but warmth will be all around you
like the arms of a great bear.

There will also be faces of wolves
whose muzzles poke you under your arm
to get you up on your feet
to see if your wobbly legs can stand.


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12 responses to “The Sacred Space

  1. Thought provoking. I liked where this took me.

  2. Even for you, Edith, this one stands out for me.

  3. Thanks. This means a great deal. Ethel

  4. Room for a small one in there?
    It sounds splendid!

  5. I read this yesterday Ethel and found it beautiful. I’ve re-read this morning. It is beautiful, and intensely poignant. I think we should be glad you decided to post it for others to appreciate.

  6. So comforting, delicate, beautiful….

  7. The Sacred Space: I’ll take it…

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