Mana Forbes

I sing the song of Mana Forbes,
His laughter deep with sun-drenched days;
Inside his spirit swirling orbs
Of rainbows dance in bright display.

He drives through fields of endless green
And tries to mock his mocking songs,
But eagles swoop into his dreams
And metamorphose right and wrong

Into a joyous paen to the earth
From where he rises every morn
And feels the cycling birth/rebirth
Of time forever being found, reborn.

So, here’s to Mana voyager!
Canoeing over rivers, hills, and shores,
The clown whose prophecy can stir
Heart prayer, joy, and hawk-winged lore.


Filed under Poetry, Thomas Davis

4 responses to “Mana Forbes

  1. This would, I think, if set to an appropriate melody, make a fine song also.

  2. What positive joyful verses!

  3. Good rhythm, excellent rhyme, fine “hawk-winged” tribute. Am most often drawn to the 4-foot rhythm done so well here. Thank you…

  4. I love this – and agree with Ben about it being set to music. What a lovely song it would make!

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