Makwa Fits You Good

by Thomas Davis

To Trevor Moeke

Makwa fits you good:

He wanders around the grounds,
Rolling like a meadow rolls,
Growling here and there
With the song of who he is
And greeting morning and evening skies
With the power of his presence.

His earth spirit
Speaks languages
Gathered from earth, wind, water, sky.

Walking in sunshine
Between startling whiteness
Of tepees that point poles
Toward a startling blue sky,
He smiles with white teeth
And laughs with a deepness
That shakes aspen leaves
And sets them to dancing
Even though there is no wind.

Note: Trevor Moeke is a Maori leader who is the current Co-Chair of the World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium ( Makwa, in Anishinabe, means bear. This poem was written on the Shoney Reserve in Canada immediately after the meeting that formed WINHEC.


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2 responses to “Makwa Fits You Good

  1. This is a wonderful poem. I could actually see him! And those last two lines are fabulous! 🙂

  2. Julie Catherine

    Wonderful poem, Thomas – I love the imagery your words evoke, especially the laughter that makes aspen leaves dance – wonderful! 🙂

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