Daughters and Sons

by Ethel Mortenson Davis

I remember
when our daughters
became “a certain age”
and left us—
not just in a physical way,
but from our hearts as well.

I was sure this was what
raising children was about—
children leave you at a certain age,
never to return.

But they did return and
made that full circle
back to us, but
with “certain stipulations.”

Our son left,
came back,
then left again,

We thought he would
never return,
but he did again
at his death:

Came back full circle
to say, I need you both.


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7 responses to “Daughters and Sons

  1. I agree with the beeseeker

  2. Interconnectedness is a powerful and wondrous thing, as is a well crafted poem.

  3. Julie Catherine

    Oh Ethel, I hear the sorrow in your words. I love the simple honesty in your poetry – you use your words sparingly and wisely, and they are layered with depths of emotion that tug at my heart. Lovely poem. ~ hugs from Julie xoxox

  4. Brought tears to my eyes – profound and poignant, Ethel.

  5. They are our children forever…

  6. Relationships between adult children and parents can be both difficult and rewarding.

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