A Mouse

a children’s poem by Thomas Davis

There was a little mouse that I knew
Who was singing to the big blue sky.
“Say little mouse,” I yelled at him there.
“What do you see? A blue sky pie?”

“No,” said the mouse as he sang his song.
“I only see a cloud and the blue,blue air,
But the cloud is as white as the winter snow,
And a sky so blue is rare.”


Filed under Poetry, Thomas Davis

6 responses to “A Mouse

  1. From the mouths of mice! 🙂

  2. I like it a lot–love all your children’s poems.

  3. Children can put us back in touch with the child we not only once were but still are, when we will allow it .

  4. Charming, Thomas. I can just see that little mouse putting the record straight! 🙂

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