by Ethel Mortenson Davis

The wolf has been reintroduced
throughout Europe.
In the Northern regions
a woman from the Scandinavian countries
said, ”We have a right to shoot an animal
that kills our sheep and cattle.”

In the Southern Regions
of Italy, Spain, and Romania,
an old woman of Romania
said, “We don’t care if the wolf
takes a sheep once in a while,
because we like to see them—
they are part of our culture.”

The wounded wolf
crawls behind a waterfall
as a man takes aim.


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7 responses to “Wolves

  1. An interesting observation, Ethel. I’m guessing that these remarks or something essentially the same were actually said and reported somewhere.
    I used to know a man in Slovenia who had a weekend house in the forest and he took delight in the presence of a mother bear and her cub who visited his garden. The neighbours however were not at all happy.

  2. Ina

    It is so nice to walk in a forest not being scared of eventual wolves (or bears) , but I can imagine others would want them back. Maybe it is up to the wolf himself to decide were to live… 🙂 I know a man who was attacked by a (polar bear, thse bears really are dangerous, but they have the right to live just like we surely. Were I live, the only big wild animals are deers 🙂 and they were illegally imported by hunters lol They do very well on the island though. And they are not scary!

  3. Julie Catherine

    Wolves, like all animals, are magnificent creatures that deserve the right to live unhindered in their wilds; I fear that human greed for land and resources will be the end of all natural species and their natural habitats, and that makes me very sad. This is a wonderful poem, Ethel, I love it. ~ Hugs from Julie xox

  4. Nature is give and take – it can create such beauty and peace (such as the magnificient, slightly warm, golden-glow day I am enjoying today) and such horror (such as the recent Oklahoma tornados). But we have to live with it … because we can’t live without it. The Romanian woman understands that. A lovely profound poem, Ethel. Hope you,Tom and all the family are well. XO

  5. ”We have a right to shoot an animal
    that kills our sheep and cattle.”

    Does that include humans? She could have a field day, no problem.

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