The Well

a children’s poem by Thomas Davis

“The well has gone dry for the winter!
Oh my! Oh my! What shall we do?
The well has gone dry for the winter!
Oh my! Oh my! What shall we do?”

“Go down to the creek with a bucket
And clear the crusted ice away.
Dip the bucket into the water
And carry the water away.”


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6 responses to “The Well

  1. I trust you have a suitable tune to go along with this? 🙂

  2. I always love your children’s poems.

  3. Anna Mark

    I really enjoy the simplicity and the repetition, and the alliteration in the second stanza with all the hard c’s.

  4. extrasimile

    Hi Thomas: you join Anna and me with a piece about a well. Anna’s is quite serous, mine…well, less so. Anna’s is short and to the point, mine, well, long and rambling. Remember that old folk song…’Well,
    Well, Well? (Peter, Paul and Mary, yes?) This poem is quite beguiling in its simplicity. Well done.
    I hope you are…well.

  5. I’m not so concerned with techniques or poetic rules and regulations but this piece reminds me so graphically in such a clever and succinct way of holidays at Grandfather’s cottage in Wales, England as a boy. Thank you so much. Love David

  6. Where there is a will there is a way – I know that is a clichĂ©, but your little poem so charmingly proclaims the magic in alternatives … Lovely, Thomas!

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