The Rhyming of Love

a love poem to Ethel by Thomas Davis

Our fathers died, and then your mother left
And took a train ride to her resting place.
There are no words for senses left bereft
The moment living left our son’s kind face.

Our love was glory when it first began to bloom.
We walked brown hills and felt the sky breathe light—
You took your hesitant, unlikely groom
And gave him more of life than was his right.

The days of work and turmoil, gladness, stress,
Have slowed us down and made us feel our years
As separateness has ground against the press
Of love through joyous days and bitter tears.

From gnarling roots of memories and time,
Love forges symphonies of changing rhyme.


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9 responses to “The Rhyming of Love

  1. OOOHHH!!! I like this!

  2. A sonnet is the true for a love poem methinks

    And I love those last two lines


    • David and Christine, I’ve been concerned that the last two lines are not strong enough as a culmination–the way the Shakespearean sonnet is meant to be, but if you two really think they are strong enough, then I am reassured.

  3. A beautiful poem of love Tom, thank you.

    As David says, the last two lines are lovely and for me, bring the poem to a superb ending, or beginning. 🙂


    Christine xx

  4. Splendid and weep-worthy–and it is perfection, every word and line. By the by, this is your old Caddo–I’m sorry you were distressed by my absence, and mean to email you when I get a spare moment. For now, I’m not certain you’ll find much of interest on my new blog–but you are always most welcome. I pray you are both well, that you have sufficient joy–and peace for the now. God bless you, Jael-Caddo

  5. I had left a personal comment here, but it didn’t post…

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