Sun, Clouds, Goose, and Reeds

a children’s poem by Thomas Davis

A dragon ate away the night!
Clouds, white from fear, fled through the sky.
A morning trumpet stormed to flight
As reeds lay silent, hushed and shy.

The sun burned red into sky-blue.
Great ships sailed white from burning sun.
A lonely goose with honking flew
Up from hushed pickets, slim and glum.


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6 responses to “Sun, Clouds, Goose, and Reeds

  1. I love this poem. Just one drawback. It isn’t weaving its magic any longer than two quatrains.

  2. Angela

    A lovely poem. And I agree with Ben – your words make me want to fly with the lonely goose to see where he goes… and to see if it is different to the places that sang in my imagination as I read along. 🙂

  3. I love this Tom.i love your childrens poems. Have you put them in a book?


  4. The words are magical, Thomas – it’s fun reading this aloud. I’m with Christine, you should publish a book of all your children’s poems!

  5. Talking about trumpets, I love the trumpet solo that suddenly peeps out at the end of this reggae song, because it adds an unexpected and delightful jazz touch to it:

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